Electrical engineering

Within electrical engineering at first-cycle level you can choose to study our bachelor of science in electrical engineering or to take single-subject courses. At second-cycle level we offer a master programme with the specialisation signal processing & wave propagation. There are also a number of single-subject courses in electrical engineering at second-cycle level.


Research in electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is a collective concept that comprises basically all the technology, theory and methodology that in one way or another deal with the electromagnetic phenomenon. Included in this is, for instance, wave propagation and radio communication, electronics, electrical power and electrical machines, acoustics, signal processing and control engineering. Our research is mainly theoretical with focus on electromagnetic field theory, control theory, systems theory and optimisation, most often with an industrial application.

We regularly take part in a number of national and international research projects and programmes and offer first- and second-cycle education (bachelor and master) in electrical engineering and third-cycle education (licentiate and doctor) in physics and mathematics.



Staff within electrical engineering