Forestry and Wood Technology

Through our programmes, courses and research we work with the entire production chain, from plant to finished product.

The region in which Växjö lies is one of the most important areas in Europe when it comes to forestry and the wood industry. At the Department of Forestry and Wood Technology we are engaged in a wide range of fields. That is to say, we work with the entire chain, from forest to finished product. We also work with the development of new wood products for construction and furniture.

The Department of Forestry and Wood Technology is part of the School of Engineering at Linnaeus University. Each year, about 750 students study either on one of our programmes or on one of our courses. We offer top-of-the-line education for those who work in the private forestry sector as well as for those who are planning a future in the sawmill or wood-manufacturing industry.

Parallel to the basic education, there is also significant research being carried out. The department can be seen as a wood-technology centre, an arena for research relating to the forestry sector and the wood and construction industry.


Master student Francesco Poggi about the education, the lab and why you should study forestry and wood in Växjö.