There is a long tradition of mathematics at Linnaeus University. You can study for a Degree of Bachelor, Master or Master of Science in Engineering, and we also do research in mathematics that is of a high international level.

Mathematics is one of the oldest sciences. It is also an important basis for a number of other subject fields. Perhaps in particular for physics, chemistry and astronomy, but also for subject fields like statistics, business and economics, and technology.

As opposed to the natural sciences, mathematics is abstract. It is not tied to concrete and specific observations and problems, but can be applied generally. This makes it a tool for both formulating and solving problems within a number of different fields. Therefore, courses in analysis and algebra form the basis for all education within the natural sciences and engineering all over the world, and are an important part of the basis also when studying business and economics.

At the Department of Mathematics at Linnaeus University, you can study mathematics and didactics of mathematics as well as mathematical statistics. You can deepen your knowledge and study in English for a Degree of Master in mathematics or applied mathematics, and in Swedish for a Degree of Master of Science in Engineering. All in all, we are about 50 people who work within the field of mathematics, primarily in Växjö.


Research in mathematics

The research in mathematics has both theoretical and practical focus. In pure mathematics it is concentrated in areas such as p-adic analysis and dynamical systems, complex analysis, functional analysis, micro-local analysis, stochastic analysis and time-frequency analysis.

Applications are concentrated on mathematical modelling in natural and social sciences, engineering, signal processing, information security, economics, finances, decision making, psychology and cognitive science. These modellings are performed in close cooperation with experts from the respective areas.

We offer third-cycle education in mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics education.