School of Business and Economics

School of Business and Economics is one of five faculties at Linnaeus University.

Where economic knowledge grows

The school of business and economics offers you high-quality education, well-established contacts with the trade and industry, and good opportunities for studying abroad. After graduating, you will have good career opportunities both at home and around the world.

The school of business and economics offers ten bachelor’s programmes within business administration, economics, and tourism studies, and one master of science in business and economics with sex different specialisations. There are two 1-year master’s programmes and six 2-year master’s programmes and a large number of single-subject courses, including distance courses. The school of business and economics also contributes to other interdisciplinary programmes at other faculties. Our courses and programmes are offered within a number of different fields such as economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, control management, accounting, international business, retail, statistics, jurisprudence, tourism, logistics, and corporate governance. Find all our programmes and courses.

Our courses and programmes are characterised by high quality, an international profile and close contacts with the trade and industry. We work to become accredited in accordance with AACSB (Association of advanced Collegiate Schools of Business) and got our iSER (initial Self Evaluation Report) approved in spring 2018. What is more, we offer a fresh study environment with plenty of room for individual development, creative learning and proximity between students and teachers.

Members of staff, students, and people outside Linnaeus University with whom we collaborate have defined a mission – who we are, what we want to achieve, and how we can accomplish this together: “We co-create knowledge, making people grow”. You are welcome to shape your future together with teachers and researchers at the school of business and economics.

International touch

The majority of activities at the school of business and economics are localised in Kalmar and Växjö but we can also be found in Hultsfred and Ljungby. Our international contacts are very important to us. Each year, about 450 incoming foreign students come to Linnaeus University and some 300 of our own students travel abroad to study at one of our 400 partner universities.

Strong fields of research

In research, economists from the school of business and economics have achieved international acclaim and are in demand as experts, both nationally and internationally. Entrepreneurship is another strong field of research, something that leaves its mark on our courses and programmes and provides our students with the conditions for landing good jobs and developing businesses of their own. Other fields of research are, for instance, marketing, corporate governance, management control, logistics, tourism, and organisation and leadership.

Valuable contacts with companies in the region

The school of business and economics has a well-established collaboration with companies in the region, something that we work to develop further. It is an important part of your education to have the opportunity to come into contact with companies and organisations and get to study how their activities are carried out, get to test new knowledge in projects, and gain an insight into what will be expected of you when you enter the labour market. One example is “The Bridge” which is a close collaboration with IKEA for research and skills development.

AACSB image
Linnaeus university has many ways to work with quality. One of those is to apply for eligibility assessment for accreditation under the AACSB (Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business). The initial Self Evaluation Report (iSER) was approved in spring 2018. Read more about AACSB