Knowledge Platform: Entrepreneurship and social change

Within the knowledge platform Entrepreneurship and social change, research, teaching and collaboration are integrated.

Research manager: Professor Malin Tillmar

Teaching manager: Lecturer Katarina Ellborg

Directors of programme studies: Senior lecturer Marina Jogmark and senior lecturer Erik Rosell

Administrator/coordinator: Frida Sjökvist


The entrepreneurship research within the knowledge platform is characterised by a broad take on the concept of entrepreneurship, where innovation and creativity within all sectors of society (private, public and civil society) and organisations are included. Quite often, entrepreneurship is organised through collaboration across different sectors (as is often the case in social economy and societal entrepreneurship), which is one of our focus areas. Social, economic and ecological sustainability, globally as well as locally, are other overall themes.

Linnaeus University has profiled itself as “The entrepreneurial university”, which, among other things, means that students on a number of different programmes study entrepreneurship. The perceptions of ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘the entrepreneur’ that many of our students, as well as society in general, have are part of our research – as are critical perspectives of entrepreneurship, the diversity of entrepreneurship and gender perspectives of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in practice, including entrepreneurship on the countryside, is also part of our focus areas.

External research groups we are part of


Mathias Karlsson presents his research about entrepreneurship as a force for societal change.



The knowledge platform is responsible for programmes and courses at first- and second-cycle level, as well as for being a dialogue partner for other faculties involved in entrepreneurship education through ‘The entrepreneurial university’. The aim of the education within our programmes, courses, and ‘The entrepreneurial university’,  is to create conditions for a broad entrepreneurship in all sectors of society and to equip our students so that they are able to consciously and critically contribute to society through a sustainable entrepreneurship.

As its basis, our education uses a pedagogy that is based on problem-based learning and co-creation with local and regional actors. To support the development of the education, we have established a co-creator’s council with representatives from the trade and industry, civil society, and authorities in the region.


Much of the research and teaching is carried out in close and interactive collaboration with the surrounding society in Småland, where local and regional actors, researchers and students are co-creators of the knowledge we produce, document and publish.

Co-creative advice Council

Within the knowledge platform, we strive to work more integrated with research, education and collaboration. We stand for a broad view of entrepreneurship (new ideas that are realized in all sectors of society), that collaboration across sectoral and subject boundaries is therefore central and that entrepreneurship exists in our everyday lives.

As part of integrating research and education with collaboration, we have established a Co-operation Council of about 20 actors in the Linnaeus regions (Kalmar and Kronoberg). The council members represent both the private and public sectors and civil society organizations.

The purpose of the Co-operation Council is multiple

  • We want to offer an arena for learning and exchange of experience between academia and other sectors of society in entrepreneurship issues.
  • We want to ensure the relevance of our research and education in the surrounding community.
  • We want our research results to benefit the region's organizations.
  • We want to enable mutual exchange between the region's organizations and our researchers and students.


More information

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