Knowledge Platform: Global Mind – Business competitiveness in changing landscapes

The Global Mind platform aims to provide the necessary knowledge and understanding to effectively navigate the pressures of globalization for the benefit of businesses concerned and wider society.

How is it possible that we can buy very cheap clothes in some webshops and have those delivered next day? Is 3D printing just another emerging technology or is it rapidly changing the way we do business? What does it take firms to keep customers satisfied in the ever-changing global business environment? These and other questions lie at the heart of International Business and of Marketing.

In education, this knowledge platform specializes in strategy, marketing, and business models relevant to international business firms. We offer a global approach with a local basis in our educational programs extending from courses for Ph.D. candidates to specialized programs on the masters and bachelor levels, and courses for management.

Research Platform

No business is an island and no business is immune to the pressures of increased globalization. The fact of most modern firm is that most companies are engaged in e-business and do either export to overseas markets, import parts and raw materials from abroad, and/or face competition from foreign rivals.

The Global Mind aims to provide the necessary knowledge and understanding to effectively manage the pressures of globalization for the benefit of businesses concerned and wider society. In broad terms, research at the platform considers not just firm strategies and management, but also issues related to corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the impact of foreign trade on and investment in e.g emerging markets. The research platform Global Mind focuses on border crossing activities of business firms within the setting of an increasingly globalized world.


The goal of the research platform is to contribute to an improved understanding of performance of business firms in international markets, through the study of strategy and activities such as E-commerce, marketing and international entrepreneurship, both of the individual firm and through the relationships with other actors. In particular, the platform rests on a distinct competence in research on international strategy, business marketing and digital business models. The global approach includes studies of firms operating in Europe and the USA, and in the so-called BRICS countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

The Global Mind platform at Linnaeus University already has a significant reputation within Sweden and Europe, with members of the platform publishing in top international journals and receiving awards for outstanding work. The platform aims at providing high quality knowledge to the academic community and interest groups with an impact.

Local insight – Global reach

We are also actively contributing to the academic society by attending leading research conferences and editing leading journals like; Journal of International Entrepreneurship, European Business Review, and European journal of International Management.

A large part of the empirical research at the platform is carried out in close and interactive collaboration with the business actors in the Swedish region of Småland. Thus, local and regional actors, students and the researchers take active part in the knowledge production.


The research of the members of the platform covers different topics; hence, these are organized in the overall areas of:

  • International Strategies and Performance (Business Strategy, E-business Marketing)
  • International Business Management and Emerging markets (International Entrepreneurship, Emerging market management)
  • International Marketing and Sales (Sales Management, Global Sourcing).



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