Knowledge Platform: Leadership and Organizational Renewal

How, by whom, and by what objects, are people lead and organized by in the contemporary society?

The Knowledge Platform Leadership and Organizational Renewal explores leadership in socio-economical, material and cultural settings shedding light on the shaping practices, challenges and struggles of organization. Viewing leadership not as heroic and extraordinary but as distributed, resilient and historical pays attention to the multiple roles of leadership and organization in society.


Research leader: Senior lecturer Mikael Lundgren

Education coordinator: Senior lecturer Annika Schilling

Administrator/coordinator: Terese Nilsson

What we do

The Knowledge Platform Leadership and Organizational Renewal focuses on study, teaching and practical development of leadership and organization as situated everyday activities that are always enacted, made sense of, embodied, materialized and experienced in particular settings. This approach informs the activities in the knowledge platform co-created in a close collaboration with our students as well as the surrounding companies, organizations and evolving forms of civic engagement.

What we offer

As a knowledge platform, Leadership and Organizational Renewal aims at integrating both research, education and external collaboration. Our teaching is primarily focused on the bachelor program Human Resource Management, the master program Leadership and Management in International Context, Civilekonomprogrammet as well as individual courses. We also offer commissioned education and a wide range of collaborating activities, mostly within Centrum för Ledarskap i Småland.

What we are looking for

We welcome students, scholars and collaborating partners from business, public and the civic sector interested in renewal and sustainable development of leadership, organizations and everyday working life. Together we co-create knowledge to the mutual benefit of individuals, organizations and society.

Who we are