Management control

Management control is the steering, measuring and controlling of organisations with the aim to meet financial goals. At Linnaeus University, you can study management control on programmes and courses, at campus or at a distance, at all levels.

For as long as there has been a written language, humans have, in different ways, devoted themselves to the documentation, planning, follow-up, and evaluation of organised activities and, in this way, tried to steer these. The subject of control management – which at Linnaeus University comprises accounting and calculation as well as management control and financing – deals with the study of different practices used for this purpose.
As a management control student, you will, for instance, learn how to do accounting for companies, calculate the cost for products, evaluate inventories, work out budgets for projects, and make assessments of the value of companies. You also study the role of management control in society and at companies, as well as what effect this type of activity has on organisations. Students with specialisation in management control are in high demand at, for instance, financial departments at companies, at accounting firms and banks as well as within finance and public services.