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Marketing is part of the subject business administration and has one strategic part and one operational part. Marketers work, for instance, at information and marketing departments at companies, authorities, municipalities, and other organisations, or with sales. Here you can get information about our courses and programmes, our research projects, and how to contact us.

Marketing is part of the subject business administration. Strategic marketing deals with the positioning of company products and services on the market. For instance, in order for the company to reach its sales and profit goals. On an operational level, marketing is about carrying out activities that leads to the desired position on the market.

One key part is the establishment of relationships and the steering of sales and distribution systems. This involves:

  • understanding customers’ expectations and needs on the market
  • defining and working out offers that respond to their needs
  • communicating the offer, for instance through social media, virtual communities, search engines, and blogs
  • guaranteeing that customers’ expectations and needs are met in order to make sure that the customer thinks that the value of the company’s offer is greater than that of its competitors.

Many marketers work at information or marketing departments at companies, authorities, municipalities and other organisations, while others work with sales. Many get leading positions. Working as a marketer means establishing personal contacts both within and outside your organisation. In addition to being responsible for everyday tasks, marketers often work on projects. For instance, a campaign for a product or a service where a budget and a timetable must be kept and a sales goal must be met. As a marketer, you may also be involved in the strategic work to develop new company strategies or carrying out market surveys.

Business administration

This subject is a sub-subject under Business Administration. Business Administration includes: 
Management control, accounting and auditing, Supply chain management/Logistics, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organisation, Marketing and International Business.


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