Group discussion

Supporting teaching and learning

Our role in the Section for Higher Education Development aims to develop teaching and learning at Linnaeus University. Based on the scholarship of teaching and learning we aim to ensure that all our programmes and staff development are based on scientific evidence in both content and form.

We foster and disseminate knowledge and skills in the field of higher education, competence development processes and educational technology in order to support the university's programmes and competence development. In addition to the higher education teacher training courses that are required for teaching at university level we also offer consultative work and a range of competence development activities for staff development.

This year we intend amongst other things to focus on the advantages of effectively communicating the grading and assessment criteria to your students as well as ensuring that Linnaeus University collaborates closely with the student union in issues such as student responsibility. In line with the implementation of the university's policy for digital learning we will give priority to addressing teachers' tech stress. This must be seen as both a competence development issue as well as a lack of clarity in how we use our learning spaces.

We are also responsible for the university's digital learning environment, including learning management system, media platform and other platforms and tools that support the students' learning.