Digital support for learning

Linnaeus University's learning environment and policy for digital learning

Lnu policy for development of digital learning

The objective for the development of digital learning is that all education at Linnaeus University must be guided by pedagogical principles that are grounded in relevant research and proven experience through a didactically conscious implementation of digital tools and platforms.

Linnaeus University works towards this objective as follows:

  1. The university has an organisation and resources to monitor developments, evaluate and implement digital support and development for learning of both a didactical and technical character.
  2. All staff have access to digital resources, continuous support and high quality competence development in order to maintain and develop an attractive and creative knowledge environment.
  3. All staff have the digital skills that are necessary for their professional work, characterised by efficiency and collaboration with colleagues, students and society.
  4. All teaching staff can make conscious didactical choices that include digital solutions to enhance the students' goal attainment.
  5. The university uses digital resources as a tool when working with widened participation, global collaboration and sustainable development.

Each faculty must ensure that this policy is fully understood in its own organisation and agree on a more detailed interpretation with respect to the courses and programmes offered and the specific conditions they operate under.

Learning environment

Learning environment is one of the administrative IT-systems that Linnaeus University administers using the PM3 model. Learning environment consists of our learning management system (MyMoodle), our media platform (LnuPlay), course evaluation and surveys (Survey and Report), web meeting platform (Zoom) and anti-plagiarism system (Urkund) as well as support systems and integrations.

The learning environment unit meets once a month with the educational technologists based in the faculties to review the organisation's requirements, dela with general issues and discuss further development and future needs.

The learning environment unite in the university library has a counterpart organisation in the IT department with administrative management, support, maintenance and development. The two complementary units meet every week to review current work with the systems.

Our systems

Online course - Open Networked Learning

Studying online
An international course on teaching and collaborating online using problem-based learning. Lnu offers this course to teachers in collaboration with 12 universities in 6 countries. Course information and registration

Our projects

Students working
International online collaboration and virtual mobility Project Global Classroom
Studying at home
Project Nya Vägar (New roads to higher education) New Roads project (website in Swedish)
MOONLITE - MOOCs for social inclusion and employment
Erasmus+ project 2017-2019
MOONLITE project
Studying with a laptop

Organisations in digital learning

Linnaeus University is active in several national and international organisations in the field. 


ITHU is a professional network for educational technologists in Swedish higher education. The aim of the organisation is to develop skills, start working groups and offer educational technology support to other national networks. Lnu's contact person Alastair Creelman is a member of the ITHU steering committee. 


Lnu is a partner in SUNET's work in developing media systems (SUNET Play, LnuPlay). One of our present focus areas is to develop a system for automatic archiving of video material. Peter Häggstrand is Lnu's contact person. 

EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network)

The European Distance and E-Learning Network exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond.
Contact person: Alastair Creelman, EDEN Fellow and member of the EDEN NAP (Network of academics and professionals) Steering Committee.