Self-analysis grid

The aim of this tool is to help programme co-ordinators, heads of faculty and managers to self-assess their particular organisation/ programme’s level of internationalisation.

You should mark the points on the grid that apply for your teachers and students in your organisation/programme, no matter what level they may be. You may also mark points in the Organisation (University/faculty) column, as far as you know them to apply. After you have marked all the points that apply, you can then see where there is room for improvement and this can form the basis of a discussion within your organisation.

This self-assessment grid is work in progress and we welcome suggestions on how to improve it. We are already working with a small pilot group of programme co-ordinators who are reviewing the tool.

A vision of how this tool can be developed to facilitate internationalisation can be expressed as follows:

This self-assessment grid reveals the present status of internationalisation in a study programme and highlights potential development areas. Integrated in a documentation tool used by all faculties, the self-assessment grid also captures which internationalization activities achieve the greatest possible effect. Effect can be measured in participation and satisfaction of students, the learning outcome, the workload of teachers, and the financial costs. Furthermore, the merging of data from all involved programs in an online database enables to highlight good examples, to evaluate the pilot projects, to initiate the exchange of experience among Lnu teachers (building a community of interest) and facilitates finding cooperation partners among our international partner universities.