Switch over to web-based teaching forms

Information and tips for teachers on how you can change to teaching in internet based learning format with short notice.

In case it becomes necessary for us to switch over to implementing our courses and porgrammes in web-based form, we have good resources for this at Linnaeus University. To a large extent and relatively quickly, you can replace lectures, laboratory experiments, seminars, and exercises with work via MyMoodle, Zoom, LnuPlay, and other services. However, this may require that you rethink certain things.

A live lecture can be replaced in many different ways (see below) but keep in mind that you should keep your additional work to a minimum and use simple means to ensure that the students do not lose pace and their contact with the course.

As a teacher, you publish reading instructions, study assignments and material on MyMoodle. You can record short presentations and explanations as videos in MyMoodle. You can also invite your students to discussions, question sessions, and seminars online via Zoom and discussion forums.

Help, this is completely new to me! What should I do?

On this page, you will hopefully find answers to your questions concerning how you can move as much as possible of your teaching to the web in the simplest way possible.