Executive Office

The primary task of the executive office is to offer service and support for decision-making to the senior management team and the university board.

The commission includes:

Carrying out analyses of strategically important issues on commission from the senior management team, the university board or one of the faculty boards, as well as the establishment of councils and committees based on the needs and questions that arise.

Administration and preparation commissions

  • Cases for decision-making to the rector and the university board
  • The university's operational plan, carrying out follow-ups and analyses, as well as prognostications regarding full-time equivalents and annual performance equivalents
  • Disciplinary cases
  • Cases concerning scientific misconduct
  • Elections
  • Referrals

 Coordination commissions

  • Public service agreements, annual reports, data for budget planning, comprehensive statistics
  • Questions relating to the areas of equal opportunity and sustainable development
  • Internal steering and control
  • The university's quality-assurance work
  • Development of the university's handling of documents and cases in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • The university's information security work