Working remotely outside Linnaeus University with private computer

Linnaeus University offers good opportunities for you as an employee to work remotely, eg. from home, provided you have access to a computer with Internet access.

Most IT systems can be accessed from the Internet when you sit outside Linnaeus University's premises such as PrimulaTimeEdit and more.

Below are some tips and tools that can help you with distance work.

Here you can read more about working from home with your staff computer.

E-mail, calendar and contacts

You can always access your e-mail, calendar and contacts when you are outside the university's network by browsing to the address in any browser.

File Storage

To access files at your personal file storage location P: and at the shared storage location S: you can either use the My Files web-based interface or File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

You also have access to files you store in Box via a browser.


Communication tools such as Zoom and Skype for business can be used for remote meetings.

MyMoodle learning platform

The MyMoodle learning platform is also available from home.
MyMoodle has built-in contextual manuals and tutorials:

  • Our own produced material under the blue button Guides at the bottom when you are logged into MyMoodle.
  • Function descriptions under the question mark symbol that are available at the various settings when administering their course.
  •'s comprehensive manuals via the link at the bottom of the page.

In addition, Guides for MyMoodle are available in the Service Portal.

Access to internal IT systems at Linnaeus University requiring VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To be able to connect to internal IT systems at Linnaeus University, that are only accessible from within the university's network, you need to connect to VPN.

Examples of systems that require VPN connection:

  • Agresso
  • Outlook, if you have an older version than 2016.
  • Personal file storage P: and shared file storage S: via "File Explorer" or "Finder" on your computer. Via My files you can access files on P: and S: without VPN connection.
  • Primula-client. Primula via the web works without VPN.

Guides how to install and connect via VPN in the Service Portal

Service Portal

In the Service Portal,, you will also find more guides and FAQs for several of Linnaeus University's IT systems.

Contact IT support

Contact IT support if you need help:

  • Phone: 0480-446700
  • Email:

You can also create a new case and view your existing ones through Easit Self Service.

On Staff there is more information how to switch over to web-based work at a distance.