Work remotely outside Linnaeus University with your staff computer

If you have access to your personal computer at home, you can connect to Linnaeus University's IT system just as when you are at the University.

Here you can read more about working from home with a private computer.

Access to internal IT systems at Linnaeus University requiring VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There are a few services that require you to connect via VPN even from the staff computer when you are outside the university network.
Examples of systems that require VPN connection:

  • Agresso
  • Outlook, if you have an older version than 2016.
  • Personal file storage P: and shared file storage S: via "File Explorer" or "Finder" on your computer. Via My files you can access files on P: and S: without VPN connection.
  • Primula-client. Primula via the web works without VPN.

VPN - Zoom and Skype for Business

You should not connect to Zoom or Skype for Business when you are connected via VPN as this can cause all traffic to be encrypted an extra time, which can give poor performance on your computer and on the VPN server which in turn affects all other users who are connected via VPN. We recommend that you switch off your VPN connection before connecting to Zoom or Skype for Business meetings.

If you turn off the VPN while you are connected to a Zoom or Skype meeting, the connection to the meeting may be cancelled. In that case, you need to reconnect to the meeting.

VPN - Outlook 2016

If you have Outlook 2016 on your computer, you do not need to connect via VPN to access your email, calendar and contacts. You may receive a password request when connecting via Outlook, just enter your Lnu account and it should work.

If you have problems connecting via VPN, please contact IT support.

Changes of Windows updates on your staff computer

As more employees taking their staff computers home and connecting it to the University's network via VPN (Virtual Private Network), it creates an increased load on the university's VPN system. To continue the staff computers to be updated, it has until now been required that the computer must be connected to the University´s network. In order to relieve the university's VPN system and to keep the staff computers updated, we have temporarily changed so the updates are received and offered directly from Microsoft instead of from the University.

In some cases when the upgrade is done on your computer via Microsoft, some features might have been changed to Microsoft standards:

  • The University wallpaper has been replaced on your computer's desktop.
  • The Lock screen (Screensaver) has been changed.
  • The Start menu has been changed.

How to restore to the Lnu standards?

Launch the "Software Center" program and choose to install the "Win10 LNU anpassning" package under the "Applications" menu. The installation also restores the Start menu to the University's standard appearance and the link collection. Also removing any free applications installed by Microsoft.

After the installation, the computer needs to be restarted for the change to take effect.

NOTE! To access and install from the “Software Center”, when you are outside the University, you need to connect to the University's network via VPN.

Contact IT support

If you need help, you can contact IT support:

  • Phone: 0480-446700
  • Email:

You can also create a new case and view your existing ones through Easit Self Service.

On Staff there is more information how to switch over to web-based work at a distance.