Office of External Relations

The Office of External Relations provides expertise and support for external funding, innovation, cooperation with society and internationalisation. Get in touch with us!

External funding

  • Expertise for developing research strategies and grant applications
  • Expertise for important Swedish research funding agencies
  • Expertise for EU-funding

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  • Expertise for increased societal impact of research and academic knowledge
  • Funding for verifying innovation ideas
  • Match-making: support to find partners to develop an idea
  • Investment in Linnaeus University spin-off companies

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Cooperation with society

  • Expertise for developing strategies and methods for cooperation
  • An easy way to establish cooperation with scientists and students
  • Professional training – commissioned education
  • Alumni relations
  • Regional networks, regional development, integration, skill supply

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  • Expertise for developing internationalisation strategies
  • Expertise on international academic cooperation
  • Expertise and coordination of programs funding internationalisation
  • Coordination and quality assurance of international cooperation agreements
  • Coordination of international staff mobility

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Project Management

  • Experienced and highly competent Project Managers for managing complex projects

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Strategic support and coordination

  • Within its four focus areas the Office of External Relations provide Linnaeus University's academic leadership, committees and councils with expertise and operative support
  • The Office of External Relations coordinates Linnaeus University's cooperation with external partners on innovation, regional cooperation partners and networks
  • The Office of External Relations is in charge of the Innovation Office Fyrklövern, created by the Swedish government and managed together with Karlstad University, Mid Sweden University and Örebro University
  • The Office of External Relations manages Linnaeus University's Holding companies

More about us

The Office of External Relations consists of some 30 persons from around 10 different countries. Our working languages are English and Swedish, but we also speak German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Finnish, Flemish and Catalan.

We cover expertise in a wide field of knowledge. Our colleagues have deep expert knowledge within several specific areas, and at the same time possess a well developed view of the greater context. We are characterised by the capacity to make things happen, combined with a good understanding of the complex interdependencies of our context.

We are internally organised in three teams, which you may learn more about below.

In Kalmar you find us in Falken, 1st floor. In Växjö we're located in the H-building, next to the entrance of the restaurant Kristina. And you also find us in Västervik and in Pukeberg (Nybro). Welcome to drop in! Just for a cup of coffee, an informal conversation our out of pure curiosity.

Rickard Bucksch
Head of the Office of External Relations

Team Grants and Innovation Office (GIO)

We inform about and provide advice on what forms of external funding is available for different types of research or innovation projects. We also support the preparation of applications for external funding, especially for complex projects, with the aim to improve the quality of the applications and to make the process easier for researchers. We also work to support researchers in identifying and strengthening societal impact aspects of their research. With Project Managers and Financial Advisors specialised on EU's framework programme Horizon 2020 we also support the execution of such projects.
Contact Team Leader Kjärstin Hagman Boström

Find out more about one of Linnaeus University's large research- and innovation projects within the Horizon 2020 programme

Team Cooperation with society (SAM)

We offer organisations, the public sector and industry an easy way to get in contact with Linnaeus University, while also providing internal support on questions relating to collaboration. We develop contacts and networks for various forms of collaboration between industry/society and the university's students and researchers. Through increased collaboration, we strengthen each other's respective activities by jointly contributing to knowledge, innovation, and an entrepreneurial approach for sustainable growth in the Linnaeus region.
Contact Team Leader Elin Lindkvist

Find out more about cooperation with society at Linnaeus University

Team International Relations (IR)

We coordinate, administer, and assure the quality of university-wide international collaboration agreements and funding programmes related to education and research. We have a counselling role for the senior management, faculties, and the central administration concerning questions relating to internationalisation, and work to implement the university's internationalisation policy.
Contact Team Leader Camilla Andersson Lundqvist

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