Office of External Relations

The office of external relations is a unit within the university’s central administration that gathers competence and skills within innovation, collaboration, internationalisation, and external funding.

Grants and Innovation Office (GIO)

We inform about and provide advice on what forms of external funding is available for different types of research or innovation projects. Our function is also to support the preparation of applications for external funding, especially for complex projects, with the aim to improve the quality of the applications and to make the process easier for researchers. We also work to support researchers in identifying and strengthening utility aspects of their research.

International Relations (IR)

We coordinate, administrate, and carry out quality assurance of university-wide international collaboration agreements and funding programmes relating to education and research. We have a counselling role for the senior management, faculties, and the central administration concerning questions relating to internationalisation, and work to implement the university’s internationalisation policy.

Here you can read more about international collaborations at the university.


We offer organisations, the public sector, and the industry an easy way to get in contact with Linnaeus University while also providing internal support regarding questions relating to collaboration. We develop contacts for various forms of collaborations between the industry/society and the university’s students and researchers. Through increased collaboration, we strengthen each other’s respective activities by jointly contributing to knowledge, innovation, and an entrepreneurial approach for a sustainable growth in the Linnaeus region.


External funding and innovation