University Board

The University Board consists of 15 board members. The external members, including the chairman, are appointed by the government, normally for a period of three years. External board members below have been appointed for the period May 1 2020 till April 30 2023.

The rector is a constant member of the board. There are also three teacher representatives from the university, appointed by ballot for a period of three years. Furthermore, there are three student representatives on the board.

Main reporting officer during board meetings is the university director.
The board's secretary is the executive secretary,

Board meetings 2020

  • Kalmar 13 February
  • Växjö 16 April
  • Växjö 4 June
  • Kalmar 24 September 
  • Växjö 3 December

Board composition

Kerstin Hermansson, Chairman
Board Member, Swedbank 

Peter Aronsson, Vice Chancellor

External members

Tommy Eklund
CEO, Fortnox

Nils Eriksson
CEO, Agalv

Pia Kinhult
Strategic adviser, former politician in Moderaterna, Region Skåne

Mats Sandgren
Board Member, Södra

Sara Meunier
Deputy CEO, Inera

Stacey Lynne Sörensen
Professor of physics and vice-rector, Lund University

Teacher representatives

Gunilla Byrman
Professor of Swedish

Anders Forsman
Professor of evolutionary ecology

Anders Olsson
Professor in Structural Engineering/Timber Engineering

Student representatives

Rebecka Esselgren, Chairman, Linnéstudenterna

Hedvig Steensland, Linnéstudenterna

Johan Nilsson, Linnéstudenterna