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Vision and basic principles

Vision and strategy 2015-2020: A creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus

Linnaeus University is a modern, international university where we are inspired by Carl Linnaeus, with roots in Småland and the world as our stage. It is the spirit of the scientist, entrepreneur, and pedagogue Linnaeus that makes up the foundation at Linnaeus University.

Through curiosity and creativity Linnaeus paved the way for what was then a new scientific paradigm. In a similar way, Linnaeus University wants to be characterised by boldness and commitment to new scientific ideas. Linnaeus was also an entrepreneur in the modern sense, capable of creating and running projects with various actors in society.

Challenging educations and prominent research in combination with societal driving force and global values are the corner stones which combined make up a creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus.


Linnaeus University – a creative and international knowledge
environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and

General goals

Linnaeus University stands out through

  • Curious, creative, and skilled students and members of staff
  • Challenging educations with high societal relevance
  • Prominent scientific and artistic research which will benefit societal development
  • Commitment to societal challenges, innovations, and sustainable growth
  • Companionship between people
  • An international and multicultural knowledge environment

A creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus

  • Challenging educations
  • Prominent research
  • Societal driving force
  • Global values