two female students


"Our creative knowledge environment is permeated by global values – internationalisation, equal opportunity, and sustainable development – in research, education, and administration. Linnaeus University promotes an international environment where people from different backgrounds with different experiences can meet, and where all students and members of staff subscribe to the notion of equal
opportunity and sustainable development. All our activities are to be carried out in a way that promotes equality of opportunity, economic and social well-being, justice, and a good working environment. Working methods at the university, both internal and external, are to be characterised by respect and democracy"
(Vision and strategy: A creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus 2015-2020)

Linnaeus University strives to be one of the leaders nationally when it comes to internationalisation and it offers teachers, researchers and students rich opportunities to gain international experience.

All co-workers and students should have the opportunity to establish lasting international contacts with the aim of maintaining diversity and contributing to sustainable development. Our knowledge environment stimulates openness and promotes exchanges of knowledge between different countries, cultures, ages and scientific disciplines.

Our goal is that all our educational programmes will include the opportunity to study abroad and that more of our courses will be taught in English. Many courses are open to both foreign and Swedish students. Teaching will be carried out by both Swedish and foreign lecturers and researchers. This means that all our students have an increased international awareness and are well equipped for the future job market.