Societal driving force

"...collaboration comprises a broad spectrum of activities within the industry, cultural institutions, and the public sector, which also strengthens the identity of the Linnaeus region, where the formation of knowledge and lifelong learning is part of having a good quality of life". From Linnaeus University's strategy 2015–2020

Linnaeus University strives to be a knowledge hub in collaboration projects and we should, therefore, in collaboration with others, develop methods for problem-solving in order to meet the needs of society. By doing this, we can promote and stimulate development of the Linnaeus region. At the university, being a societal driving force is a natural part of our activities. Prominent research forms the basis for all development of activities. Challenging educations is one of our primary ways of creating societal driving force, and contract educations play a key role in our response to societal challenges. Collaboration with the surrounding society is a working method resulting in higher quality in our courses and programmes and our research – not a separate task.