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Sustainable development

"Our creative knowledge environment is permeated by global values – internationalisation, equal opportunity, and sustainable development – in research, education, and administration. Linnaeus University promotes an international environment where people from different backgrounds with different experiences can meet, and where all students and members of staff subscribe to the notion of equal
opportunity and sustainable development. All our activities are to be carried out in a way that promotes equality of opportunity, economic and social well-being, justice, and a good working environment. Working methods at the university, both internal and external, are to be characterised by respect and democracy"
(Vision and strategy: A creative knowledge environment in the spirit of Linnaeus 2015-2020)


Through our courses and programmes, our research and our collaborations, Linnaeus University strives to be an important driving force and inspiration in the work for a sustainable society. Our objective is that both members of staff and students should have a good knowledge about sustainable development, as well as the ability to critically examine these principles, and the ability to apply them in real life. Our work with sustainable development is based on people's participation, knowledge and understanding, and always takes into consideration the limitations set up by nature

Student projects in sustainable development

Are you interested in sustainability? Would you like to contribute to a better world and receive compensation for it? Do you have an idea for a project you want to implement which does not t in the course or programme you are studying? 

You decide yourself what kind of project you want to carry out. It can be anything from a book club or an information campaign about equality to a clothes swap day, a cultivation project, an exhibition in connection to Pride, an open lecture – or anything really that in some way deals with sustainable development.

Make an application!

Linnaeus University’s sustainability prize for students 2016

Nominate one or several students to the sustainability prize 2016! The prize is given to staff and student(s) who has made considerable contributions in the field of sustainable development during the year.

Perhaps you know a student who has written a thesis or done an artistic work in the field of sustainable development? Maybe you know someone who has been a role model in initiating and developing sustainability work in the university's study environment?

Welcome to nominate and motivate! The winners will be highlighted during the Sustainable development day, December 6th in Växjö. The nomination of prize-winners is open until November 24th. You find the form for nomination below. 

Form for nomination