Student projects in sustainable development

Are you interested in sustainability? Do you have an idea for a project you want to implement, which does not t in your education? Would you like to contribute to a better world and also receive compensation for it? Welcome to apply for funds to carry out a project in sustainable development!

Committee for a Sustainable Future announces 2017-funding for Linnaeus University students who want to carry out a project on sustainable development. By this we would not only like to encourage student engagement, interest and knowledge in sustainability issues, but also provide a practical education on sustainable development that extends beyond the regular education. Student projects are part of the university's work on sustainable development and it is expected that the projects, big or small, should contribute in the sustainable development of the university and/or the society.

Different kinds of project ideas are possible in concern to the content and form of the project. It can be a book club, an information campaign, a dress-exchange day, a cultivation project, an exhibition, a film, a public lecture, an invention or may be something completely different that in one or the other way related to sustainable development and can be justified.