The entrepreneurial university

The ambition at Linnaeus University is to stand out at a national and international level through the way of working with entrepreneurship and be able to present the highest proportion of entrepreneurs among the students.

We believe that the entrepreneurial culture is developed by attitudes and competencies as a complement to the traditional literacy skills, which makes our students further attractive in the labor market. The entrepreneurial competence will in short, make a powerful tool to gain other knowledge and skills to increase the student's competitiveness on the market.

Training programs in entrepreneurship aims to:

• develop students' entrepreneurial spirit
• develop the student's ability to identify and exploit opportunities
• increase the knowledge of what it takes to start and grow a business
• adaptation for each faculty / department or program

It is mainly about the overall, generic skills to make students:

• more creative / innovative, active, motivated
• more autonomous and risk-tolerant
• more business oriented
• more willing to challenge the habitual indulgence and habitual thinking
• more trained see opportunities
• more confidence in their ability to make a difference in different situations