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We are convinced that having an open university that has close collaborations with the surrounding society is something that is good for everyone. Therefore, we are very happy to collaborate with different companies and organisations. Experience has taught us that these meetings create great value; on a personal level, for your organisation, and for all students and researchers at Linnaeus University.

You can collaborate with our researchers, teachers and students, either through projects, internships, degree projects and skills development.


Hans is posing for the camera with a big smile on his face

"I recently concluded eight years within the top management of the European Academy of Management (EURAM), a community of committed management scholars. This experience, as well as being part of the management team for two EU projects during the years 2012–2017, has been a life-altering journey for me as it has deepened my understanding of what it means to actually 'be committed' as a scholar. Currently, I am involved in social impact work in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Rwanda and Mexico. As the world becomes more and more globalised, I believe that deepened international collaboration is of major importance and that universities have a fundamental role to play for that development to take place. Linnaeus University is really good at local, regional and national collaboration, but on the international level our collaboration work can be improved. A number of industries in our region that are increasingly dependent on highly-skilled people from various countries are leading the way in this respect. Linnaeus University should continue to build on this. We should also provide better support to committed colleagues. The very core of universities has always been extraordinary and committed people. Let's not lose that in our era of technology and systems".
/Hans Lundberg, researcher in entrepreneurship and member of the committee for societal driving force