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Collaboration with researchers

Companies and organisations are very welcome to contact Linnaeus University with questions concerning collaboration with our researchers.

If you and your organisation are interested in collaborating with reseachers at Linnaeus University, there are a number of different collaboration forms to choose from. Collaboration initiatives range between everything from exchanging experience to solving specific problems and questions to large-scale research projects.

The benefits of a collaboration are mutual. The research results can be of use for the company or organisation and the researchers get the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about important development areas, and get to tackle actual problems and ideas.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

COLLABORATION for a multicultural society

The programme for Integration in a Multicultural Society

Globalisation creates opportunities for meetings as well as conflicts between people with different backgrounds, cultures and identities. In this programme the students develop knowledge necessary to live in a globalised world, to understand and to explain it, and to see new possibilities.

Center for Cultural Sociology in collaboration with primary and lower-secondary schools in the region

Social integration and a multicultural school

Alvesta Municipality and Allbohus AB in collaboration with the Department of Design

Every year, design students cooperate with Alvesta Municipality and Allbohus AB to create attractive housing opportunities. http://www.smp.se/alvesta/ljus-ide-lockade-100-personer/

Newly Arrived Immigrant Students’ Learning – Reception, Inclusion and Progress in School

In this course, students work in teams with local development projects to promote newly arrived immigrant pupils’ learning. The students base their projects on the conditions of their own schools, and plan and test the development project in consultation with teachers at the university.

Centre for Concurrences

This research environment studies meetings and clashes between different cultures and identities, to create more balanced views of the present times.

COLLABORATION for communication and democracy development


Humtank is a think tank for the humanities, aiming to demonstrate the necessity of the humanities for the development of society. http://humtank.se

Fria ordets hus (The free speech house)

Young Voices in Exile. Young authors, playwrights, musicians and bloggers in exile, and refugee writers in Sweden, meet young writers in Växjö for conversations and discussions. http://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/vaxjo_kommun/pressreleases/pressinbjudan-young-voices-in-exile-1047558

COLLABORATION for a better school

Lärarlyftet & Läslyftet in collaboration with The Swedish National Agency for Education
The aim of Lärarlyftet is to enhance teachers' competence and status.

The aim of Läslyftet is to enhance pupils' reading and writing skills by strengthening and developing the quality of teaching.

Center for Cultural Sociology in collaboration with several parties

This is a project led by LNU and The Regional Council in Kalmar County, dealing with Swedish youth policy and regional development of the living conditions and participation of young people in local politics. Another important issue is the question of regional development in relation to geographical mobility: "moving and staying".

The Swedish National Centre for Research in Sports in Stockholm recently published the report 'Ett idrottspolitiskt dilemma: Unga, föreningsidrotten och delaktigheten'. (A dilemma in sports policy: Young people, organised sports and participation) The report is part of a major project on young people, organised sports and participation.

In 2011 and 2012 LNU had a collaboration project with Växjö Municipality, with the aim to carry out qualitative and quantitative studies of what people in Växjö think of the cultural and leisure activities in the municipality.

In 2012 and 2013, the Center for Cultural Sociology carried out an evaluation project of 'Skapande skola' (Creative school) at the request of the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis.

The Center for Cultural Sociology is involved in a research project with the Church of Sweden and the Sigtuna Foundation on 'Religion som resurs' (Religion as a resource).

Bokhunden (The Book Dog)

Educates teachers and librarians who want to use dogs as a pedagogical resource in schools. www.bokhunden.se

RUC – Regionalt utvecklingscentrum (Regional development center)

A meeting place for schools and universities for collaboration in regional school development

Reading kids

A project to promote reading in collaboration with Ljungby Municipality http://biblioteksbladet.se/2012/11/28/reading-kids-bibliotek-och-skola-i-skon-forening/

Research on COLLOBORATION with society

GRASCA – Graduate School in Contract Archaeology

During a five-year period, around ten doctoral students will carry out research on how Swedish contract archaeology can find new markets and develop its work with current issues in society. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=106&artikel=6043287

The Bridge

IKEA and Linnaeus University in collaboration. The Bridge is a multidisciplinary research and education collaboration concerning Life at Home and the various aspects of the production process, aiming to create a better everyday life at home for many people. 

Centre for Concurrences

This research environment studies meetings and clashes between different cultures and identities, to create more balanced views of the present times.

Medical Humanities, in collaboration with Kronoberg County Council

The main aim if this collaboration is to strengthen the aspects of the humanities in medicine and health, especially concerning medical ethics, views of knowledge, and narration and interpretation, in order to develop health care practice, as well as narration and interpretation theory in the humanities. http://www5.ltkronoberg.se/Forskning-och-utveckling/Utveckling-och-projekt/Halsa-humaniora-och-medicin/

Smart Housing

Smart Housing Småland is a leading international user-centred innovation environment creating smart housing and sustainable environments with glass and wood.

Metaphors in palliative cancer care

Through investigation of metaphor use inside as well as outside the immediate care context, the project is designed to enhance professionals’ capability to understand, capture and include patients’/close ones’ own use of metaphor, to enable good and strengthening communication in end-of-life care.


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