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Linnaeus University’s international collaboration

Linnaeus University is an international university in Småland that works with global collaborations through partnerships and networks within education, research and collaboration. International collaboration plays a key role in the university’s operations and is integrated into all parts of the university’s vision.

Linnaeus University promotes free and independent research where academic freedom and excellence is the base for a sustainable societal development. Students and members of staff are given opportunity to intercultural, interdisciplinary, and international learning and cocreation in creative learning environments. Values like equality of opportunity, equality of the genders, sustainable development, and internationalisation are integrated into our operations to contribute to increased quality and excellence in education and research. Sustainable internationalisation work at Linnaeus University should be inclusive, just, and ethical.

Linnaeus University has signed Magna Charta Universitatum 2020 (MCU). This is an international declaration on the role of higher education institutions in society. The document establishes the higher education institutions’ fundamental values, among other things concerning academic freedom, knowledge dissemination, and the important relationship between education and research.

Vice-chancellor Peter Aronsson on Magna Charta Universitatum 2020 (only in Swedish)

Linnaeus University’s strategic collaborations contribute to quality and development of our operations. In-depth, broadened, and innovative collaborations provide new opportunities for students, teachers and researchers. Linnaeus University’s international work contributes to our taking a great social responsibility and to the work we do together with collaboration partners and the surrounding society to meet global challenges.