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LNU Innovation

Linnaeus University sets knowledge in motion and we want to work actively to promote innovation and to make sure that our collective knowledge and our research results benefit people and the surrounding society.

One part in this is LNU Innovation, which, through professional support in the early development of an idea, helps researchers, other employees and students realise and disseminate their ideas and research results, regardless of whether this is done commercially or non-commercially.

We work continuously with new ideas from researchers and driven students within different disciplines. The ideas are often closely linked to research, the major societal challenges and the global sustainability goals.

You can contribute to realising ideas and innovations

In order for good ideas and research results to reach the market, additional resources, competences, and people are often needed, which can complement the team behind the idea. Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, business developer or investor, there are many opportunities to collaborate directly with researchers and become engaged in new ideas, innovations, methods, and technologies at an early stage, to contribute with your competence and driving force to help realise the ideas to the benefit of people and society.

So, are you interested in ideas and innovations at the frontier of research and want to contribute to making them reality? Then contact us!

Example: An idea becomes an app

Victoria Vestman and Anna Wahlstam shared the experience of suffering from cancer. Together, they wanted to do something creative and life-affirming that can serve as inspiration and help for others in the same situation.

With help from LNU Innovation, they are now developing an app that encourages those affected to exercise and stay active during their cancer treatment.

“In order to have the courage and economy to go for it we have received support from the Innovation Council. It would not have been possible without the funds we have been granted”, says Anna Wahlstam.

In the first step, the app Your Strength focuses on exercise and movement, but they already have ideas for how to develop the app further.

“When you are ill with cancer your whole body is affected. We look at this from a holistic perspective which means that we can continue to build on the app and add features dealing with, for instance, diet, physical intimacy and mental health”, Anna Wahlstam explains.

LNU Innovation has helped fund a market survey and a first prototype, offered counselling, and served as a sounding board.

Together we are strong

LNU Innovation is part of Linnaeus University, but also part of the Innovation Office Fyrklövern, which is a collaboration between four higher education institutions:

  • Linnaeus University
  • Karlstad University
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Örebro University

Through the collaboration between the higher education institutions, we get access to a larger network, more ideas and more areas of competence.

LNU Innovation is also part of the Swedish support system for innovations. We work closely with other actors like incubators, Science Parks, Drivhus and ALMI in both Kalmar and Växjö. We offer close contact and it is easy to reach us – to make sure that we can support our entrepreneurs and innovators in the best way possible.

As a researcher, employee or student at Linnaeus University, you can learn more about LNU Innovation on our internal webpages (in Swedish).