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Centre for School Development (CSU)

The Centre for School Development is responsible for carrying out commissions in education, research and collaboration aimed at the school's sphere of activities.

The Centre for School Development (CSU; Centrum för skolutveckling) at the faculty of social sciences has the task of contributing to a complete academic environment that includes and integrates research, education and collaboration regarding preschool, school and teacher education. The centre works with collaborations in the form of assignment training, lectures, process support, evaluation and practical research in the field of education.

Our research groups provide an important basis for the work on societal driving force. Linked to the centre are researchers and teachers in preschool, school and education. We carry out assignments together with Skolverket (the Swedish National Agency for Education), aimed assignments for school principals in the framework of the government's program Collaboration for the best school, the learning of newly-arrived people, recruitment training, follow-up research assignments for school development and education, and more.