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Collaboration: Wellbeing International

Over the past seven years we have been developing an international collaboration around the theme of sustainability and wellbeing in the tourism sector. Over time the collaboration reached a level that enabled an alliance to form, which is now part of the association Wellbeing International, WI.

Collaboration information

Network chair: Lali Lindell
Hosts for regional networks in wellbeing tourism: Tourism Association Vogelparkregion Recknitzal, Germany; Professor Brynon Synak Pomerania Research Institute & Pomerania Development Agency Poland, Foreningen Velværeturisme, Denmark, Kalmar County Administrative Board & Linnaeus university, Sweden, and, EUCC Baltic Office, Lithuania.
Other contact points for Wellbeing tourism: Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania.
Themes: environmental science, tourism, health, marketing
Time period: 2023-01-01 to at least 2027-12-31

More about the collaboration

This crossborder initiative is based primarily on the work and the results from the Interreg South Baltic project ‘Wellbeing tourism in the South Baltic region – guidelines for good practices & promotion’. The association is represented by tourism actors in five European countries (Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden) and has around 50 registered members, most of them small to medium sized (SME) entrepreneurs in tourism that share the values of the Wellbeing tourism concept (Lindell et al, 2021), and has adopted the associated brand HomeOfWellbeing. The main aim of WI is to spread awareness on sustainable wellbeing tourism and to serve as the connection point between its members and the region they represent.

The values of the Wellbeing concept are at the core of Wellbeing International. The emphasis of the wellbeing concept is to carry out our actions and activities in a sustainable way, in relation to the environment, society, and economy, as well as in a way that supports individual wellbeing (body, mind, and soul).

For more information on the network and its outputs see: wellbeingtourism.com

For information on the network and how to become a member contact the network coordinator.

Wellbeing places

In each of the regions that are part of Wellbeing International, wellbeing places have been established to serve as symbolic centers of the regional networks in wellbeing tourism, as well as symbolic for the crossborder collaboration.

Photos: SB WELL team & Getty Images

The concept – the wellbeing model

the concept

The collaboration

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