Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden

The Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden was formed in 2005 and comprises representatives from Linnaeus University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Region Kalmar county, Region Blekinge and Region Kronoberg. The chairmanship is shared between the two higher education institutions and is currently held by Linnaeus University.

Advice and ethical assessment of projects

If you are a student on a Bachelor’s programme, Master’s (60 credits) programme, or Master’s (120) programme, a clinic with R&D projects, a supervisor for essays or projects, a doctoral student or a researcher, and you have questions about the ethical aspects of your research work, you are welcome to contact the Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden.

We assist with ethical review and advisory opinions only to projects planned to be carried out in Sweden and therefore governed by Sweish legislation. We can assist with an advisory ethical opinion of the project regarding resources, the relationship and information pertaining to research participants, and the collection, processing, publication and archiving of data. We do not provide any ethical approval because we do not conduct an ethical review, instead we provide an advisory opinion as support in designing the project. It is the supervisor/responsible researcher who decides whether the project can be implemented, and this is also the person responsible for ensuring that the ethical rules of research are followed.

In order to process your application, we require information regarding the project title, the name of the applicant/supervisor and the location for the project’s implementation. We also need to know about the project’s background, purpose and any issues, how data is to be collected and managed, how selection is justified and the procedure. It is also important that we receive an account of the ethical problems that you yourself can see in the project, as well as information on your relationship with research participants. It is important that you include attachments as instructed in the application form.

As a student you should submit an application for personal data processing when you collect personal data for your study/thesis. The application should be submitted to your college/university. You can find a link to the form at Blekinge Institute of Technology or Linnaeus University.

The Ethical Advisory Board does not provide advisory opinions on studies that has already started.

Advisory opinions are given in Swedish.

Application and forms for the Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden

The Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden receives applications during the semester periods and suspends its activities during the summer.

Before submitting a complete application to the Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden, you must do the following:

  • Begin by performing your own ethical assessment of your project. The self-assessment is included in the application form.
  • If it is apparent from your self-assessment that your project should be reviewed by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority then you send an application for a ethical review to them.
  • When the self-assessment is done, you can obtain an advisory ethical assessment of your project by completing and submitting the application form to the Ethical Advisory Board in South East Sweden.

Submit the ethical self-assessment together with the application form and any attachments so that we can appraise your work. 

We look forward to your application!

Applications are sent to:

Applications, feedback provided and the personal information given in the documents (e.g. names, contact details and programme, university/university college and/or workplace) are processed within the Board and archived in the Board’s records (as per GDPR).