Completed activities within Global Classroom

Here you can read about the project activities month by month with descritpions and links to more information. Just click on the headline below.

Completed activities within Global Classroom

Below are listed various activities conducted within the framework of Global Classroom in 2016-2017. The list will be continuously updated.

November 2017
17 Nov
Meeting with Sonjya Billore, programme leader for Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design. Planning cooperation with Keio University , Tokyo, Japan
20 nov Meeting with Andrejs Ozolins, programme leader of international masters in occupational psychology. In connection with this we have had two guest professors from Lithuania at Lnu: Aukse Endriulaitiene (Vytautas Magnus University) and Antanas Valantinas (Mikolas Romeris University, Vilnius)
28 nov Meeting with Maria Mattsson (Dept for chemistry and biomedical sciences) to plan cooperation with an American university
29 nov Badges at Lnu. Meeting to plan follow-up to pilot project with Summer Academy.

October 2017
12 Oct
Erasmus+ presentation, Research day, Department of music and art
26 Oct Meeting with Anja Kraus about starting a masters programme for teacher trainees between 3 universities. Pedagogy in a global world, in cooperation with Boise State University, USA.

September 2017
1 September. 30 minutes about Global Classroom. Information meeting for library staff.


Augusti 2017

Lena Kulmala and Corina Löwe visited 3 departmental meetingsto present Erasmus+ 30th anniversary and Global Classroom - Opportunities for internationalisation amd competence development. Your department can book a similar event by mailing
We'll treat you to an Erasmus+ cake to celebrate the 30th aniversary of Erasmus.

Implementation of Badges in Mymoodle is in progress.

June 2017

7 June We arranged a welcome webinar for all international students in Linnaeus Summer Academy 2017. Around 60 students from all over the world met the academy managers Anneli Andersson and Nils Nilsson and were able to get to know each other as well as ask questions. Watch the recorded webinar.

13 June International staff training week. Workshop om virtuell mobilitet med gästlärare och adminstratörer från hela världen. See results of the workshop on our Padlet wall.

May 2017

24 May Presented our project at the conference E-Learning und Peer Learning - Sharing of experiences in the framework of an ERASMUS+-Project
KA2: Strategic Partnerships, Berlin School of economics and law.

29 May Webinar Virtual Mobility and Internationalisation of Higher Education in cooperation with Salzburg University, Austria.
Watch the recorded webinar.
Read more about the webinar.

April 2017

March 2017

  • Study visit to Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) in Kaunas, Lithuania. VMU are one of the leading universities in Europe in the field of virtual mobility. See our report.
  • 27 March, Interview with Elin Lindkvist for the Erasmus+ project MOONlite, Moocs for refugees
  • Official approval of our Badges pilot project with Linnaeus Summer Academy.

February 2017

  • Meeting and strategy discussion with pro-rector Catherine Legrand and Ann Charlotte Larsson, Vice-rector for Internationalisation andInnovation.
  • Meeting with representatives of the teacher education department.

January 2017

  • Meeting with Ann Charlotte Larsson, Vice-rector for Internationalisation and  Innovation
  • Meeting with Koraljka Golub, I-Schools, an Lnu project with the aim of promoting cooperation with other universities in the i-Schools consortium. Read more about the I-Schools project.

December 2016

  • Meeting with Maud Johansson, Psychology programme. Brainstorming on international cooperation in special courses for students. 
  • Interview with Corina Löwe in the Swedish university teachers' union magazine  Universitetsläraren (publication in Feb 2017 in printed magazine).

October 2016

  • 19/10: Webinar on Open Badges.
  • 17/10: Inspirational workshop for teachers and program-coordiantor about the Global Classroom project. Kalmar and Växjö.

September 2016

May 2016

Corina Löwe and Judy Chow represented GC in a meeting with the internationalisation Peer Review group that visited Linnaeus University 10 May.

April 2016

Webinar with professor Ilona Buchem, Beuth University Berlin, about their use of open badges for recognising soft skills. The webinar involved management and staff from Linnaeus University discussed the following:

  • How did you get started?
  • What obstacles did you face in "selling" the concept to traditional staff and management?
  • How do you ensure that the badges you offer are really worth something, not just a token gesture?
  • Examples of use in courses and for staff development?
  • How you use badges with refugee academics?

Information about Open Badges:

Ilona's slideshow
Recorded webinar on open badges

What are open badges?

Open Badges can be described as digital micro-credentials that are awarded to a person who has demonstrated skills of a desired level, passed a test or fulfilled a number of requirements. Today there is a growing interest from universities and other educational institutions to recognise skills and experience that are hard to test in traditional examinations. These are often described as soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, initiative, administrative ability and the ability to work in international teams. These skills are highly valuable for employers and should be documented and rewarded, for example as badges. Behaviour and attitudes that are important for work can now be recognised and rewarded. Many companies and organisations have started using badges to recognise both staff and customers. The advantage of badges is that they are digital certificates and can be saved by the individual on social media or on career networks like LinkedIn.

A badge contains

  • Name and description of the awarding organisation
  • Description of the knowledge, skills and experience required to receive the badge
  • Information on the context for the awardment of the badge, eg part of a course or participation in an activity
  • Information on the validity of the badge

April 2016

Presentation of GC: Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

March 2016

  • Presentation of GC: Faculty of Technology
  • A new round of ClassPal with students from University of Missouri and Linnaeus University (teacher training) who meet in a closed Facebook group, get to know each other, discuss culture, child care and education in the USA and Sweden (teachers Joyce Chang and Corina Löwe)
  • Alastair Creelman represented Linnaeus University at an internationalisation conference at the University of Stavanger in Norway with a lecture entitled "Internationalisering på hemmaplan: virtuell mobilitet för lärare och studenter" as well as a workshop. Presentation (in Swedish): Virtuell mobilitet from Alastair Creelman

Erasmus+ application MOONLITE project (Massive Open Online courses eNhancing LInguistic and Transversal skills for social inclusion and Employability). Alastair Creelman and Corina Löwe from the GC project represent Linnaeus University together with the other project partners: University of Wolverhampton, ESCP Europe Berlin Campus, UNED, EADTU, Web2Learn, Knowledge Innovation Centre.

March 2016

  • STINT- Strategic Grants for internationalization. Application submitted for financing in the following areas:

1. workshops with programme managers
2. Development of an open online course where students from Linnaeus University act as mentors for international students
3. Development of a database where we can gather best practice, make it easily accessible and develop a community of practice.

February 2016

  • 19 February, workshop with programme managers from three faculties: Patrik Ahlm, Percy Bergman (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Judy Chow (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences) and Martin Nilsson (Faculty of Social Sciences)

From GC project: Alastair Creelman, Peter Diedrichs, Corina Löwe, Camilla Andersson Lundqvist, Yael Tågerud. Follow-up meeting on an individual basis were then arranged.

January 2016

Students from our nursing and international administration programmes visited Williams College in the USA, and participated in online seminars to help them get to know each other in advance. Corina Löwe from GC organised the seminars.