people from EA Southeast

EA Southeast

EA Southeast is a competence network aiming to further develop the participants’ competencies within enterprise and IT architecture, enable collaboration, share experiences and create a network of like-minded people.

What do we mean by EA and IT architecture?

  • EA (Enterprise Architecture) is a model-based approach to managing the connection between the business and its supporting information systems. In this way, one can achieve standardization, uniformity and increase the important connection between business processes, organization and IT systems ”[KTH]
  • IT architecture is the ability to design and deliver valuable technology strategies (IASA Sweden 2012)

Exchange of experience and networking

The network EA Southeast aims to hold two meetings a year. Other activities are carried out as needed and possible, these can be initiated from all participants in the network.

The networks’ teams space is made available for all members and is used for in-between meeting dialogues.


  • Atea
  • Combitech
  • The health authority
  • Kalmar Municipality
  • Linnaeus University
  • Blekinge Region
  • Kalmar Region
  • Södra Skogsägarna
  • TietoEvry
  • Växjö Municipality
  • Wexnet


All those interested in architecture in south-eastern Sweden are welcome!

Contact Cecilia Unell, to join the network.