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Network for stress research (Nester)

Nester is a network comprising persons with an interest in innovation, development and research regarding stress. The network participants represent both academia and clinical care, from several regions in the Southeast of Sweden.

The Network for stress research (Nester) was established in 2020. The overall aim of Nester is to contribute with knowledge and use in relation to stress. A specific focus for the network is development and research in the area of innovation and health promotion that stimulates recovery from stress.

Nester comprises persons with various professional backgrounds, from both academia and clinical care. Together, these persons contribute with various perspectives of importance for the network and for the development of knowledge in the stress area.

Members of the network

  • Hanna Tuvesson, registered nurse with a specialist training in psychiatric nursing; associate professor, Linnaeus University
  • Ulrica Hörberg, registered nurse with a specialist training in psychiatric nursing; professor, Linnaeus University
  • Cecilia Fagerström, registered nurse; professor, Linnaeus University; head of research, Region Kalmar County
  • Markus Sjösten, registered nurse with a specialist training in psychiatric nursing, Wämö care centre, Region Blekinge; doctoral student in caring sciences, Linnaeus University
  • Birgitta Gunnarsson, occupational therapist; associate professor, University of Gothenburg; R&D tutor, Region Kronoberg
  • Sara Holmberg, MD; associate professor, Linnaeus University; expert in insurance medicine and R&D tutor, Region Kronoberg
  • Viktor Carlsson, psychologist; clinical senior lecturer, Region Kronoberg; adjunct senior lecturer, Linnaeus University
  • Petra Wagman, occupational therapist; associate professor, Jönköping University