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The mentor programme

In the mentor programme, we want to strenghen our students' value through personal development as an additional preparation for working life. Mentors and students are given opportunity to meet and exchange each other's experiences.

The mentor programme – a chance for development

The purpose of the mentor programme is to strengthen the students' qualifications for their future careers and working lives – and to give the mentors the opportunity to contribute in this process by meeting the coworkers of the future.

Participation in the mentor programme means investing some of your time, in return you get to take part of others' experiences and networks, which can be valuable in your future studies, career and working life.

Signing up for Year 2020-2021 will be possible from May.


Pictures from a previous kick-off in autumn

Agenda of the mentor programme

Two common get-togethers will be arranged on the mentor programme. All mentors and students will be invited to the get-togethers to mingle, build networks and take part of experience exchange and inspiration.

Start-up meeting

The mentor programme will be initiated with a common start-up get-together September 30th digitally (and/or in Kalmar and Växjö if possible autumn 2020) for students and mentors who have been matched. At this start-up you will also be given the opportunity to plan your activities together. 

Closing event

The mentor programme is concluded with a closing event where we summarise, evaluate and follow-up. The date will be set to April/May and you will get an e-mail with all details to sign up.


The application for the Mentor Programme 2020/2021 opens in May. Our ambition is to find mentors/mentees to all who are interested. However, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get a mentor/mentee. 

In addition to general mentorship, we also offer two different specialisations withiin the mentor programme:

Junior leadership: for students with an ambition to become future leaders
IT and digitalisation: for students on our courses/programmes within IT and computer
Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Welcome to apply for the mentor programme

Welcome to apply to become a mentor!