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Community nursing towards sustainable health

Due to the present Covid-19 situation, the 7th ICCHNR-conference, at Linnaeus University, in Växjö, Sweden - has been postponed to June 21-22, 2022. Welcome back for more information at a later date.

At Linnaeus University we are very proud to be hosting the upcoming 2022 ICCHNR-conference. We aim to turn this conference an opportunity for researchers from both near and far to attend and to present their most recent research findings in the field of "Community nursing towards sustainable health". We hope to attract specialists from various disciplines of community nursing, professional, education, research and management to the conference.

We are now into the process of putting together a programme of keynotes, various lectures, seminars, workshops, poster presentations etc.

All necessary information concerning the conference programme, sessions, travel information, accommodation in Växjö etc will soon be available at this very webpage, so please make a note of the adress and come back!

International Collaboration for Community Health Nursing (ICCHNR)

On Växjö, Sweden, and Linnaeus University

The medieval cathedral of Växjö

Växjö is located in the very heart of southern Sweden, the name Växjö derives from the two Swedish words "väg" (meaning road) and "sjö" (lake), and that's exactly what it is: "the city where the roads meet between the lakes"! 

Shopping and relaxing in the city centre.

Ever since it's founding in the Middle ages, Växjö has been a place for business, administration and education, and today, among other things, it is also the "home" of one of the two campuses for the Linnaeus University.

Växjö, The Concert hall with the fountain

Today the city of Växjö has grown to approximately 70000 inhabitants, it has been called "the greenest city in Europe" and the Linnaeus university counts more than 30000 students, and today there's a lot more than shopping and the medieval cathedral to experience in Växjö, in culture, local handicraft, unique shops and world-class restaurants.

A warm welcome to Växjö and Linnaeus University in June 2022!

What to do and see in Växjö
More about Linnaeus University

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