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Humanities and Social Sciences in the World: Threats against Academic Freedom

Research and education in humanities and social sciences are currently restrained and threatened by political forces outside the university.

This conference will bring together perspectives from different places in the world to discuss this urgent situation:

  • What is our role as researchers, teachers, leaders and administrators when disciplines like gender studies are closed down or when academics lose their jobs or are imprisoned because of their research?
  • Where does the boundary gobetween legitimate scientific criticism on the one hand and a threat to academic freedom on the other, involving the right to choose subjects, research methods and modes of publication?
  • In an increasingly polarized political landscape where core values of democracy are questioned, what challenges do universities face with regards to their work and international collaborations? 


Confirmed speakers:

  • Andrea Petö; Professor of Gender Studies at Central European University, Hungary
  • Leila Papoli-Yazdi; Archaeologist and Scholars at Risk Researcher at the University of Gothenburg; Sweden
  • Majid Mgamis; Assistant Professor of English Literature; Scholars at Risk Researcher at Linnaeus University; Sweden
  • Arun Kumar; Assistant Professor of Modern British Imperial, Colonial, and Post-Colonial History, University of Nottingham; UK
  • Sofie Tornhill; Political Scientist and Senior Lecturer of Gender Studies at Linnaeus University; Sweden

The online conference is free of charge. Registration opens at the end of August.

Organized by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Linnaeus University


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