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Nordic curriculum theory conference - Education between hope and happening

It is now time for the ninth Nordic curriculum theory conference, on the theme “Education between hope and happening”. The aim is to develop curriculum theory and curriculum research by gathering Nordic curriculum theory researchers. The registration will open on June 15.

The conference has been arranged at different higher education institutions in Sweden, Finland and Norway every second year since the start at Uppsala University in 2005. The latest conference was held at Åbo Academy in Vasa, Finland in 2019.

Curriculum theory deals with different ways of studying and understanding the objectives, content, implementation and outcome of courses and programmes. Within the broad field of curriculum theory, this can involve historical curriculum analyses, different ways of looking at contemporary education content and education policy, as well as studying teaching practices and how these are conditioned by different conditions in society.

The conference is a physical two-day conference with keynote lectures, seminars, panel discussions, and a common conference dinner on 20 October. There is a limited number of participants. The smaller format is considered a necessity in order to have time to reflect upon questions relating to the development and position of curriculum research in the Nordic countries as well as internationally.

Both doctoral students and senior researchers are welcome to present their article and research projects in or with connection to curriculum theory at parallel paper sessions. Presentations will be held in either English or one of the Scandinavian languages.

Previous conferences
2005 Uppsala University
2007 Örebro University
2009 Linnaeus University in Växjö
2011 University of Oslo
2013 Uppsala University
2015 Örebro University
2007 University of Gothenburg
2019 Åbo Academy, Vasa

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