Cantus Planus

Cantus Planus

Welcome to the next meeting of the IMS Study Group ‘Cantus Planus’  arranged at 
Linnaeus University’s campus in Växjö, Sweden on August 7-12, 2018.

Conference closed

Cantus Planus is a study group of the International Musicological Society devoted to research on plainchant traditions. Every few years they organize a conference somewhere in Europe where scholars are invited to share their research.

Linnaeus University in south-eastern Sweden is a modern university with 32,000 students. Växjö has a long tradition of education and despite its campus location the university is a natural part of the town of Växjö. Linnaeus University has close ties with the local business sector and is a major player in the development of the city.


Call for papers: Submit abstracts of about 250 words by 15 November 2017

Workshop: Submit workshop proposals by 15 November 2017,about 300 words

Poster: Submit poster proposals by 15 November 2017, about 300 words

Notification of acceptance will be sent via email around 22 January 2018.

Last day to register: July 15, 2018

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming meeting of the IMS Study Group 'Cantus Planus.' We hope to see you in Växjö next summer!

Welcome to Linnaeus University!

IMS Study Group 'Cantus Planus' Advisory Board

James Borders, Chair