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3rd Annual Entrepreneurship as Practice Conference and PhD Consortium

Entrepreneurship as Practice (EaP) will host their third conference and PhD Consortium at Linnaeus University in Växjö on 17-20 April 2018 with a focus on entrepreneurship in practice.

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The third version of this conference is aimed at entrepreneurship scholars and PhD candidates who are using or interested in practice theory-led approaches for understanding entrepreneurial phenomena. PhD candidates and junior faculty looking to learn about practice theory and entrepreneurship as well as make connections and get feedback from top international scholars on their work will find the consortium highly valuable. Researchers that wish to further develop their empirical and conceptual articles using practice theories and methodologies are encouraged to apply.

About Entrepreneurship as Practice

EaP aims to build a community of likeminded scholars that employ practice theories to further advance entrepreneurship studies. This community aims to demonstrate how different practice theories can be used to answer new questions, shine new light on classic entrepreneurship questions, and introduce novel methodologies to the field. In doing so, EaP wish to bridge the divide between practitioners and scholars in order to engage in a more mutually beneficial dialogue.