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Language and Law in Research, Education and Practice

Welcome to the conference Language and Law in Research, Education and Practice at Linnaeus University in Växjö, 16–17 October 2019.

The conference Language and Law in Research, Education and Practice will take place at Linnaeus University in Växjö, 16–17 October 2019. The aim is that researchers, teachers and practitioners in language and law should exchange ideas about current research and practical experience to promote development and cooperation in the field of language and law.

The field of legal linguistics has grown in the Nordic countries in recent years. Researchers in the Nordic countries need to find common platforms for presenting research and creating joint projects, preferably in collaboration with the surrounding society. We want to create such an opportunity through a conference where research, education and practice can meet.

The conference is both Nordic and international and will be a Nordic forum where people talk across national and subject boundaries to stimulate development and cooperation concerning official language, forensic and legal linguistics and law. With this initiative, we want to meet societal challenges in collaboration between academics and practitioners who work with language, law and society, for example within the police, courts and social administrations.

The legal systems of the Nordic countries with police and courts are relatively similar. Therefore, we have invited researchers from Denmark, Norway and Finland to the conference. We also welcome practitioners in the police, social services, lawyers and others with an interest in language and law.

Plenary lecture and panel debate

In addition to four plenary lectures, the conference will have a panel with representatives of practice, education and research. The participants in the panel will discuss language and law in research, education and practice with each other and with the audience.

Paper sessions and poster presentations

We invite conference participants to submit papers and poster presentations on the theme of language and law, and we extend this invitation to academics and authorities in the Nordic countries.

Deadlines for registration

  • The last day for submission of papers or posters is 8 May 2019. To register follow the instructions in the appectance e-mail.

Abstract of papers and posters (max. 250 words excluding references, in total no more than one A4 page) should be sent as an attachment in the registration form (see link below). Notice of acceptance is given no later than 31 May 2019.

  • For participation without paper or poster, please register no later than 15 September 2019.

There is no fee for the conference, however as a participant you pay for travel, lodging and the conference dinner on 16 October. Food and drink during the conference will be served at a subsidized price.

For participants with an accepted abstract, to register follow the instructions in the acceptance e-mail.

For participants wishing to attend without an abstract, register here.  

This is a conference with lecturers from the Nordic countries, but we also want to open for an English-language section. Presentations may be in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English. The conference welcomes contributions that concern language and law in a broad sense within research, education and practice, such as communicative strategies and communication with authorities in speech and writing, in courts, police and social services or in education and practice within these professions.


For questions about the content of the conference, please contact the conference secretary Joacim Lindh,

For practical issues about the conference, please contact


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