Collage of music and propaganda, 20th c.

Sounds of Mass Media: Music in Journalism and Propaganda

The eleventh meeting of the International Musicological Society (IMS) Study Group Music and Media (MaM) in Växjö, Sweden, June 7 – 9 2019.

Conference closed

A Conference on Music in Journalism and Propaganda

The past decade has seen a growing scholarly interest in questions relating to music’s role and function in propaganda contexts. Music has a long history in serving the representation of tyrants and in legitimizing totalitarian regimes. For example, throughout the 20th century composers, musicians and music writers in many countries delivered works, made recordings and participated in concerts, which were used for hailing, consolidating and advancing non-democratic political systems and ideologies. Facts and fiction were blended in these efforts to strengthen the ruling political power, especially in conflict situations such as during the anniversary celebrations of the October Revolution in the Soviet Union.

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