Autumn at campus

National conference in economics, October 4–5, 2018

Welcome to National conference in economics, arranged at Linnaeus University in Växjö October 4–5, 2018.

Conference closed

Invited keynote speaker: Petter Lundborg, recipient of the Assar Lindbeck award 2018.

Award ceremony: October 4 at 16.00, IKEA lecture hall, Linnaeus University.
Deadline: Papers should be sent in no later than May 14, 2018. Registration is open until September 7, 2018.

The main organiser of the conference is Nationalekonomiska Föreningen and the aim of the conference is to create a space where economists, and others with an interest in the subject, can meet on a regular basis and thereby contribute to:

  • strengthen the professional and social contacts between researchers in Sweden
  • improve the conditions for increased mobility between different institutions in Sweden
  • give employees at ministries, governmental bodies, etc., the opportunity to take part of the latest research from researchers in Sweden
  • give doctoral students and those who have recently defended their doctoral thesis an opportunity to present themselves to potential employees
  • establish a natural forum for discussions on education and research policy questions within economics

A panel discussion will be arranged on a topic linked to Linnaeus University’s cutting-edge research within discrimination and integration.

The conference language is primarily English.