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Quantum Information Revolution: Impact to Foundations (QIRIF)

International conference devoted to analysis of foundational impact of the recent quantum information revolution at Linnaeus University in Växjö, June 10-13 , 2019. Arrival June 9, departure June 14, 2019. The last conference day will be the intensive conference day, with a planned ending at 18.30.

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The conference program is based on invited and contributed talks,  and posters. Invited talks are 30 min talks (including questions) and contributed talks are 20 min (including questions).

We recommend to travel to Växjö via Copenhagen [due to maintenance of the railway between Stockholm and Växjö, there will be problems with approach Växjö by a train from Stockholm] or fly directly to Växjö from Stockholm/Bromma airport or Amsterdam/Schiphol airport.

Deadline for abstract submission is May 2. [For a contributed talk or poster, one can first submit the abstract via the registration and the fee can be paid later.]  Poster session: journal Entropy supports the awards for the two best posters, 350 and 150 Swiss francs, respectively.


The conference Quantum Information Revolution: Impact to Foundations‽ (QIRIF‽) is arranged by International Centre for Mathematical Modelling in physics, engineering and cognitive sciences (ICMM) at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. This is the jubilee 20th Växjö conference devoted to quantum foundations and applications of quantum theory, especially quantum information and probability. This conference is aimed to highlight and at the same time to question the foundational impact of the recent quantum information revolution and to enlighten recent novel contributions to quantum foundations, theory and experiment.

The recent quantum information revolution had not only technological, but also foundational outputs. It changes completely our image of quantum theory by emphasizing its quantum information dimension. At the same the quantum informational viewpoint on quantum theory can be questioned and criticized. In June 2019, Växjö will be the place to present both quantum information novelties and critique against them.

We invite all kinds of contributions devoted not only to coupling of foundations with the quantum information revolution, but general development of quantum theory and its mathematical formalism, as well as its novel applications including applications outside physics. The areas covered include: foundations of quantum information theory and quantum probability; generalized probabilistic models; quantum contextuality and generalized contextual models; Bell's inequality and entanglement; quantum nonlocality, hidden variables, original Bell inequality versus CHSH inequality; quantum computing (coming technological realization or "quantum focus-pocus"?), quantum cryptography and teleportation, weak measurements: theoretical and interpretational questions; time symmetric interpretation of QM; many worlds interpretation; quantum-like models outside physics; derivations of quantum formalism from natural postulates; the role the complementarity principle in quantum information theory; complementarity versus contextuality; recent foundational experiments; quantum information technologies. Of course, possible topics of talk need not be restricted to the listed above; any contribution directed to development of quantum foundations, theoretical and experimental, and the corresponding mathematical apparatus as well as philosophical analysis are welcome.

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