Smarter system

The winner of Stora IT-kompetenspriset is announced and presentation of Smarter Systems

Welcome to an exciting afternoon where we select this year's winner Stora IT-kompetenspriset 2020 and present the ten-year initiative Smarter Systems.

We had wanted to gather you for a physical kick-off for Smarter Systems, but due to the current corona situation, we changed it into a lighter version online and hope to meet in the fall to continue working together.

During the meeting you will find out more about the 10-year initiative Smarter Systems. The purpose of Smarter Systems is to, in close cooperation with community actors and with the support of the KK Foundation, increase the knowledge required for software to be able to be adapted in the best possible way and to meet constantly ongoing changes.

We also announce this year's winner of the Stora IT-kompetenspriset, the actual prize will be handed over in the fall. The purpose of the award is to draw attention to employers who have worked strategically and engaged with competence development of their own staff, and collaborated with education providers and / or students linked to IT-related field, in order to secure the future competence supply in an exemplary way. Read more about the award here:

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