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Crisis and security

Checklist for emergencies or accidents

Get a quick overview

What has happened?
How many are affected?
Is anyone injured?
Is it possible to give first aid?
Is anyone still in danger?

Call the emergency number 112 to summon

  • ambulance
  • rescue services
  • police

In case of major accidents or events contact the crisis management

During office hours

Through the university switchboard, 0772-28 80 00

After office hours

Securitas in Kalmar, 010-470 52 59
Securitas in Växjö, 010-470 52 49


Defibrillators can be found on the following places within the university's facilities


Falken, Nygatan 18b: By the main entrance (room 102)
Kocken, hus A, Landgången 4: In the corridor (A301)
Kocken, hus BC, plan 2, Landgången 4: In the corridor (B219 outside B223)
Kalmar Nyckel, plan 2, Gröndalsvägen 19: By the main entrance (A23:11B)
Kalmar Nyckel, Gröndalsvägen 19: At the reception desk by the main entrance (A21:11)
Norrgård, Norra vägen 49: By the main entrance (room 101)
Storken, plan 1, Stagneliusgatan 14: Outside group study rooms 1115
Trångsundet, Karlstorpsvägen 16: By the main entrance (room 101)
Universitetsbiblioteket, Nygatan 18: At the circulation desk (room 102)
Västergård, Smålandsgatan 26: By the main entrance (room B1007)


Hus B: In the corridor (B1010)
Hus E: By the elevator on the upper floor (room E2047)
Hus H: By the main entrance at Infocenter (room H1111)
Hus J: In the corridor (J1080)
Hus N: In the corridor (N1004, outside the IKEA lecture room)
Hus UB: At the information desk (UB1032)
Hus P: In the corridor (P102)

Health And Safety Coordinator

For more information on security please contact Health And Safety Coordinator Jörgen Franzén.