on account of the coronavirus

The Coronavirus and Covid-19: Information to students

On this page, we have gathered information for students at Linnaeus University about the handling of the corona virus pandemic and covid-19. We follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Government and we have a crisis management group that works with these issues and closely monitors the development.

This page is under rebuid right now.

Updated at 13.40 on 4 March.

All teaching and all examinations that can be carried out online should be carried out online. Physical, on-campus teaching and examination should only occur when necessary. This was decided by the vice-chancellor on 30 June.

You must also unconditionally stay at home if you show any symptoms of a cold or flu. If you have tested positive for covid-19 you must report this to your teacher.

We also urge all students who do not have on-campus teaching in their timetables to study from home to as large an extent as possible. However, our facilities will remain open and can be used for self-studies. The University Library, for instance, will be open but with limited opening hours.

In the university’s facilities, thinning out and keeping the distance apply at all teaching and examination, as well as for all other activities in our facilities. We avoid close physical contact, crowding and gatherings of more than 50 people.

If you have any questions concerning what applies at Linnaeus University, you are welcome to contact coronainfo@lnu.se

Report concern and illness

Current topics

In case of illness or infection

Studies, teaching and examinations

You will get detailed information from your course or programme coordinator. You can also find information on your course or programme page in MyMoodle (link found on each respective course or programme page).

Links to Swedish authorities


The university’s crisis management group for corona consists of pro-vice-chancellor, the office managers within the University Administration, administrative directors, representatives from Linnaeus Union, and a management support team. Convener is the manager of the Office of Student Affairs.

If you have any questions concerning what applies at Linnaeus University, you are welcome to contact coronainfo@lnu.se