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The Coronavirus and Covid-19: Information to students

From Tuesday 17 March until 30 August, the vice-chancellor has decided to take special measures to switch over to web-based forms for all teaching and examination. This autumn we will welcome students who are currently enrolled in our programmes and courses to the university! For most students, this means that you will carry out your studies on site. However, if you are enrolled in a distance education programme, then your studies will of course be conducted through digital platforms.

Updated at 08:05 on 26 October.

This autumn we will welcome students who are currently enrolled in our programmes and courses to the university! There will be on-campus teaching at Linnaeus University from the start of the semester, but in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus much of the teaching will be web-based. New students will have more on-campus teaching than those who are already used to university studies. Information on what applies for your particular course or programme will be provided by your course or programme coordinator.

As a student, you are welcome to spend time in our facilities and use the resources that are available there. The University Library, for instance, will have regular opening hours.

All programmes and courses offered to new international students, including incoming exchange students, will be offered in distance learning format (through digital platforms) during autumn 2020. This does not apply to current students.

At the same time, however, the development of this pandemic remains uncertain, and it is unclear what guidelines Swedish Authorities will give us. For this reason, we must prepare ourselves for the possibility that we may need to change our plans. If we are forced to make changes, we will of course inform all our students.

On 29 May, the Swedish government informed that university colleges and universities can now prepare to return to more campus teaching.

However, the higher education institutions have a responsibility to adapt the teaching in order to limit spread of infection. Students also have a great personal responsibility. To manage their studies but also to stay at home when showing the slightest symptoms of infection, keeping the distance, and washing your hands often.

The Swedish government’s decision applies until further notice. However, if the situation changes the government will take measures. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that we will have to return to web-based teaching as the main principle if required.

As from 13 June, people without symptoms are free to travel within Sweden. In order for the eased recommendations to work, it is of vital importance that everyone follows the guidelines on physical distance very carefully. This is more important now than ever, according to the Swedish government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Furthermore, the Swedish government stresses the fact that the danger is not over and that Sweden is still in a serious situation.

Below, please find frequently asked questions and answers about the Coronavirus and the disease Covid-19. Linnaeus University follows the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has a crisis management group that works with these questions and closely monitors the development.


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