Universitetskajen Kalmar

Universitetskajen in Kalmar is a city-integrated university where all buildings are located in close proximity to each other. You can walk between all the six major buildings without having to walk outside, and all buildings are connected in one way or another, for instance via footbridges. When you visit Universitetskajen, you will notice the proximity to the city centre, to the trade and industry, the sea, and Kalmar Central Station. All this can be found within a stone's throw. This means that our students, collaboration partners, and members of staff have unique opportunities. Are you curious to find out what our study environments, buildings, and specific lecture rooms look like? Click above to go on a guided digital tour, or click below to view the tour in full screen.

Students sitting on a bench at Växjö Campus

Universitetskajen Kalmar

Linnaeus University is located in two cities, Kalmar and Växjö. In our digital tours, you can of course click on between the two locations. Here you can jump directly to Växjö if you want to take a look at what Växjö looks like. Click through to our digital tour of Växjö Campus.

The University Library Kalmar

The University Library in Kalmar stands out with its yellow facade and gives you the feeling that the surroundings are mirrored in the building. Many students visit the University Library, or UB as we say, on a daily basis to study. The general public is also welcome to come borrow books, have a fika, hang out, or just read today's newspaper. At the University Library in Kalmar, you will find, among other things, a café, Inforcenter, the Linnaeus Union, study places, and group study rooms. Click your way around in our digital tour to see what the University Library in Kalmar looks like. We start at some of the popular study places that can be found on the third floor, with a view of Kalmar guest harbour, welcome.

Check out our lecture rooms

Below we have chosen one lecture room and one practical learnign environment. Yu can, of course, click your way around and continue to discover other types of rooms. At Universitetskajen in Kalmar, there are 56 lecture rooms. In addition to lecture rooms and prectical learning environments theer are many group study rooms and study places. Below you can have a look at the biggest lecture room which is called Aula Sienna with room for 250 people. And below this, you will find a practical learning environment that can be foudn in building Vita, used by our nursing students.

Lecture room Aula Sienna

The biggest lecture room at Universitetskajen, with room for 250 people. This room is used by larger student groups and for lectures. Click around and have a look at the room, located in building Culmen. In building Culmen, there are also examination rooms, where students take their exams, and study places.

Practical learning environment nursing and midwifery programmes

In building Vita, you will find the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, which conducts education within health, care, and the natural sciences. Below you can click around in one of our learning environments that is found at our Clinical Training Centre, abbreviated KTC. This is where students get to practice practical elements during their studies in an authentic hospital environment. The goal is that the students should feel comfortable with all the elements that are part of the work tasks for nurses, specialist nurses, or midwives.

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Universitetskajen Kalmar history and numbers

Universitetskajen Kalmar is a city-integrated university. Here, you will find six buildings that contain all our faculties, programmes, the University Library, restaurants, bicycle garage, study places, and more – everything within a stone's throw. Everything is simply gathered in one place, and next to Kalmar Central Station, the sea and the city pulse. This gives our students and members of staff unique opportunities to collaborate with each other, the surrounding community, and with the trade and industry. Universitetskajen was fully completed in 2020, before this Linnaeus University in Kalmar was spread out at 15 different addresses. Today, 44 000 students study at Linnaeus University, roughly 28 000 of them belong to Växjö and 16 000 to Kalmar. Keep in mind that as a student in Kalmar you have housing guarantee.