Växjö Campus

Welcome to Växjö Campus

Växjö Campus is unique in Sweden. It stands out by having everything gathered in one and the same place. Our students find everything they need for their studies and their leisure time wtihin walking distance. You will find lecture and seminar rooms, departments, faculties, the University Library, sports facilities, restaurants, cafés, gym, swimming places, a castle (!), hiking trails, nature and forest, recreation areas, pubs, student spaces, student apartments, and more. Use our digital tour above to click around and see what Växjö Campus looks like, or click on the link belwo to view the tour in full screen.

Students in outdoor environment in Kalmar

Universitetskajen Kalmar

Linnaeus University is located in two cities, Kalmar and Växjö. In our digital tours, you can of course click on between the two locations. Here you can jump directly to Kalmar if you want to take a look at what Kalmar looks like. Click through to our digital tour of Universitetkajen Kalmar.

Welcome to our University Library in Växjö, or UB as we simply call it. Here, some one thousand students sit and study every day, from early morning until late evening. In the University Library, you will find group study rooms, study places, silent zones, a café, and much else that will be helpful during your time as a student with us. Click your way around in our digital tour to take part of what UB and some of our popular study environments look like. We start at one of the popular study places on the 2nd floor.

Check out our lecture rooms

Below you can walk around in two of our lecture rooms, but you can, of course, also continue walking to discove rmore. There are 76 lecture rooms in Växjö, the largest one with room for 350 people and the smallest one with room for 15 people. In addition to our lecture rooms, we also have a lot of group study rooms and study places where our students sit and study on a daily basis.

Lecture room

Here you can walk around in one of our traditional lecture rooms, the one called Weber, found in building K. Weber has room for 56 people and is used by most programmes offered on Växjö Campus. All rooms with more than 50 seats have their own names, like Weber. Other rooms are named with the initial letter from the building and a number. The first number tells you on what floor the room is found. For instance, K1061 is found on the first floor in buidling K. In our digital tour, you can walk around in all both large and small rooms in all buildings on Växjö Campus.

Specific lecture rooms

Here you can see one of our special facilities, optimised for the police education. A training facility where police students practice shoulder locks, and more. All our buildings on Växjö Campus contain different types of special facilities and operations-specific facilities. On our digital tours, you will get to see laboratory rooms, lecture rooms, and teaching rooms that have been optimised for nursing students, police students, engineering students, software students, etc.

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Växjö Campus history and statistics

Växjö University was founded in 1977, as Växjö University College. The university college in Växjö first started as a branch of Lund University in 1967. In 1999, it received university status. in 2010, Växjö University merged with Kalmar University College to establish Linnaeus University. Today, 44 000 students study at Linnaeus University, roughly 28 000 belong to Växjö and 16 000 to Kalmar. On Växjö Campus you will find everything you need for your student life and your leisure time, and there are some
3 700 student apartments here.