Baltic Sea Region and China Day 2016

Are there new growth realities for Sweden’s neighbors on the other side of the Baltic Sea and in China? How can these countries and emerging markets – more generally regarded – compete in the future and create growth?

During the conference, we look mainly at both the short-term and the long-term outlook for the three Baltic countries, Russia and China - but also for emerging economies in more general terms. Where do these countries have their growth potential in the future – and how should Swedish companies face this (partly) new macro and market growth environment?


12.00–12.10: Welcome and introduction by Dean Helén Anderson

12.15–13.10: Emerging-market research at Linnaeus University. With Mikael Hilmersson, Hans Jansson, Hyunjoo Kim Karlsson, Mikael Lundgren, Richard Owusu, Firouze Pourmand, Susanne Sandberg, Niklas Åkerman & Hubert Fromlet.

13.15–14.05:  Lena Sellgren, Business Sweden, chief economist, on the outlook for Swedish companies in different parts of the world

14.10–14.30: Coffee break

14.30–15.20: Iikka Korhonen, head of BOFIT (Bank of Finland’s Institute for Economies in Transition) on the Russian economy

15.25–16.15: Tönu Martsina, Swedbank, Tallinn, Chief Economist Estonia, on the economic outlook for the Baltic states

16.15–17.00: Discussion with the participants, moderator Mikael Lundgren, Linnaeus University

Free admission. No registration required. Welcome!

Ekonomihögskolan (School of Business and Economics at LNU), Kalmar, Gröndalsvägen 19, room NY 200 Hubert Fromlet Add to your calendar